· It is not a micro-penis

· 6.2” dick waffle, filled with dark chocolate and champagne

· No drama, no problems, no nagging

· It is essential

· For the boring old Julie from accounts


Gone are the days of your Mum’s favourite pancakes. Dick on a Stick is unlike anything you or your mama (not to mention your nana) have ever had before. It is a bit naughty, but they can handle it. 6.2” of delicious penis in their mouth – what’s not to love? Or even better, make a list of the dickheads in your life (an ex, a co-worker who was a wanker, the list can go on and on and on), order completely anonymously and enjoy. They will receive it in a hot pink box with a pot of “jism” (our vanilla sauce), as well as a card with the message “You are what you eat”. The best prank for those who dare.


Warning: Eat slowly, do not choke on it (the stick that is)


Disclaimer: Buyer and recipient must be 18+. This is a gag gift to make people laugh. Do not send in a malicious way.


  • · 6.2” freshly baked waffle, filled with Belgian dark chocolate and champagne cream

    · A pot with “sperm” (vanilla sauce) to finish it off

    · Net weight: 140g