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I often get asked if I’m obsessed with dicks for being the founder of Dick on a Stick.  “A dick expert” - basically a whore.  

Dick on a Stick was founded to let people tell their boss, ex or annoying family members: “You are being a dick”. It’s to break boundaries. It’s liberating. It’s fun. 

All designs have been created with humour in mind or elegance in some cases. 


I will keep going to stand against what society believes we should be doing and how I have to behave based on my upbringing, background, age or gender. Do NOT put us in a box, we won’t get in it. The ”norm” is not for us! 

You can order anonymously one of our freshly baked willies for the dickheads in your life or get your hands on it.

When a gift needs giving, and we got just the one.

Happy Ending…

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